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Find out what we are all about in the North Shore


The North Shore of Sydney refers to the suburbs located on the north shore of Sydney Harbour up to Hornsby and between Middle Harbour and the Lane Cove River.


The Jewish communities predominantly live in suburbs ranging from 10-15km away from the Central Business District.

The North Shore offers so much:


  • Quiet, tree lined streets which lend itself to a suburban, relaxed lifestyle.

  • Spacious and valuable housing.

  • Access to top schools and childcares with both public and private options available.

  • Proximity to excellent amenities including shopping centres, movie cinemas, restaurants and cafes, sporting facilities and parks.

  • Nearby national parks and bushland, which allow residents to enjoy areas of unspoiled nature and incredible wildlife. This closeness to untouched landscape, creates the unique tranquil and calm atmosphere.

How beautiful in today’s busy world!



The North Shore is easily accessible by various modes of public transport.


Buses and trains service a broad range of the north shore making all suburbs accessible. For public transport routes and lines – Click Here

If you're concerned about a new commute to work, feel free to contact us to talk it through!

Whilst the North Shore is often perceived as the 'other end of town', it is not so far from key landmarks in Sydney.Take a look:

Approximate distances (km) and time to key landmarks in Sydney (not in peak hour)

*sourced: Google Maps

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